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Robert R. Blume


Robert R. Blume, the President of IMHF, is a seasoned entertainment producer and talent manager with a long standing commitment to social causes. He has served as the Executive Producer f the Annual DRAMA DESK AWARDS from 1999 to 2018, and has been involved in various philanthropic efforts, including the Jerry Lewis Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Recently, he produced virtual concerts for the Entertainment Community Fund and a one-man comedy show on mental health. Blume also serves as the VP of Entertainment for the TYL Network and manages over 100 clients through his company, Step Forward Entertainment. He has been a Tony and DRAMA DESK AWARDS voter for over two decades..

Pat Labez


Pat Labez, known as “The Joyful Sage,” is an advocate for seniors, blending her roles as an award-winning author, actress, and producer to redefine retirement through the arts. She found Third Act Encore and serves as Vice President and Secretary of the International Mental Health Foundation. After overcoming a brain tumor, she returned to show business in her 60s, taking roles in TV shows, like New Amsterdam and Blue Bloods, and producing award-winning films. Pat has also been involved in various senior advisory programs, including the Alzheimer’s Association and AARP, focusing on mental health issues among the elderly. Her personal slogan is, “A joyful heart is the beat of life,” emphasizing the importance of finding joy at every stage of life.

Ron L. Gandiza


Ron L. Gandiza, aka Ronnie Tsunami, is an AI technology and marketing evangelist with over 28 years of experience in product launches and artificial intelligence. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and a US Air Force veteran, he specializes in developing learning solutions and customer education programs for global organizations, such as Microsoft and NASA. His programs have been implemented in thousands of academic institutions and enterprise organizations around the world. He has also helped to build support communities with millions of members in fields such as health, wellness, technology and business. Ronnie is also a multi award-winning musician and songwriter.

Stuart F. Margulis


Stuart F. Margulis has a rich background in financial management and consulting, spanning over four decades. He has been the President of SFM Management Ltd. Since 1979, specializing in financial management and tax accounting. Stuart has also served as the Consulting CFO for various companies, including Aluma Trim Incorporated and Tempest Worldcom Inc, where he implemented computerized accounting systems and improved financial performance. His experience extends to managing financial matters for high-net-worth clients and serving in senior roles at multiple accounting firms. Stuart played a key role in the sales of AMT Founder Paul Curtis’s home and the formation of a Board of Directors.

Elizabeth Fuller


Elizabeth Fuller is a dedicated advocate for mental health, a prolific writer, and a compassionate mother. Committed to dismantling the stigma around mental illness, she has authored ten books and plays that shed light on the subject. For 15 years, she has supported her son, a professional golfer with bipolar disorder, both personally and through a one-man show that shares his experiences. Elizabeth’s advocacy and storytelling have made her a beacon of hope, proving that compassion and determination can drive meaningful change in mental health awareness.

Marilyn Forward


Marilyn Forward, RMT, FMCHC, CBHP, is the founder of Helping Heal Hearts, a Wellness & Empowerment Studio in Northern New Jersey. A Certified Brain Health Professional and HeartMath Clinician, she specializes in stress and anxiety management. Marilyn is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and after a decade in performing arts, she merged her passion for wellness and acting. She has mentored aspiring actors and models, receiving numerous testimonials praising her impact on their self-love and confidence. Today she focuses on guiding people toward better mental and overall health through her diverse workshops.

Catherine Clark


Catherine Clark, M.Ed., C.C.C., is an award-winning speaker and author specializing in mental health resilience. With 25 years of experience, she has trained thousands across diverse sectors, from the Canadian Arctic’s Inuit & Dene populations to multinational corporations. Her first book, “Gifts in Dark Packages,” serves as a roadmap for transforming adversity into strength and joy. She empowers individuals and businesses to see adversity as a “dark gift” that can lead to growth and prosperity.

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